Logo Design is your Brand Identity

Phase 1

Examine Project

  • logo-design-company-collecting-info

    Collecting information from client

    To come out with a professional logo design we collect all the information and specify the requirements to our Creative logo design team.

  • logo-design-company-industry-research

    Industry research

    We carry out a detailed research of the industry where our client belongs to

  • logo-design-company-industry-research

    Competitor study

    A thorough study of competitor activity is done to understand our client's branding and positioning needs

  • logo-design-company-branding-analysis

    Branding analysis

    We evaluate what is required to give a clear visibility to our client's branding

  • logo-design-freezing-scope-of-project

    Freezing scope of the project

    After thorough analysis, we freeze on the aspects required to be included in our client's logo

Phase 2

Core Development

  • logo-design-Brainstroming-the-project

    Brainstorming with various methods

    We brainstorm with our core team and try out various methods of concepts, designs, colour choices etc.,

  • logo-design-Building-Key-Points

    Building key points

    We will work on the finer points that can give the logo a distinctive identity

  • logo design freezing scope of project

    Hand sketching

    We start our logo design with hand sketches and work on the cardboard till it gets to a shape

Phase 3

Technical Development

  • logo design Digitizing the sketch

    Digitize sketching

    We master stroke the hand sketches using best of design softwares and give it a perfect shape

  • logo design coloring and effect

    Coloring & effects

    Necessary colours and digital effects will be given to get the appeal right

  • logo design coloring and effect

    Testing process

    We take the opinion of our internal and external team members (confidential group)

  • loho design coloring and effect

    Building presentation

    We put everything together in an engaging presentation with all details to present the logo to our client

Phase 4

Optimizing Process

  • logo design coloring and effect

    Feedback from client

    We carefully evaluate the feedback received from the clients to enhance the design appeal

  • logo design coloring and effect

    Logo revision (If needed)

    We will revise the logo design as per the client's feedback and implement all necessary changes

  • logo design coloring and effect


    We send the revised design and get the confirmation from the client to create the final logo artwork

Phase 5


  • logo design coloring and effect

    Logo package

    The final artwork of the logo is delivered to the complete satisfaction of the client