Wipro Changed Their Logo From Sunflower to Connected Dots

For the first Wipro India’s second largest IT firm changed their logo. After almost two decades it takes new logo to represent their self as a trusted digital transformation partner.

In 1988 Wipro introduced their first sunflower logo which consist Rainbow color and represents the basic values of Youthful & Energetic, Multifaceted, Innovative, Large-Diversified & Vibrant and stands as our brand says Wipro.

After many year now , it reveals its new logo which consist connected dots.




The new logo of Wipro says it “Connects the Dots” for its clients. It gives the world class integrated, end-to-end capabilities and services to its clients from across the industries and domain experts. Also, it represents Building on the universal form of the circle, the radiating rings of dots around our Wipro name suggest all the many connections that our brand creates for our customers.

Redesigning your logo will give the new identity. So that you can start a new journey towards the digital transformation. Planning to redesign contact our logo designer  in Chennai or view our logo design worksWipro_new-Logo_RGB

Note: Thinking about to redesign your logo, contact logo design company in Chennai and get dozens of logo design.

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Shhhh… Listen! Do You Hear The History Of Logo Design For A Coffee Startup?

Neuro coffee is a startup owned by Chris and Mike. When they planned to open their Coffee shop, they decided to make their identity with logo design. Both run logo design contest on 99design(platform for freelance logo design). Founder posted their requirements with the prize in logo design contest. 40 design came across the world for their Neuro coffee. Don’t you have the interest to view those design?(only 6 are listed here) Scroll down below and know the winner.



A.Jorge de la Cruz Rodríguez designer from Spain sketched the above design.


B.Jenny of Project4 Designs from Southeast Asia



C.Dimitrije Mikovi from Belgrade, Serbia


D.Martin Junge Kjøbeløv from Aalborg, Denmark



E.Angga Mahardika Putra from Garut, West Java, Indonesia


F.Vasilije Bosnjakovic, Belgrade, Serbia


How they decided the winner:

Both entrepreneur first neglected the design they don’t like. Most of the logo design are associated with traditional design with brain and faces. One of the designs they thought it looking good but the face of a person looks like angry mood.  They liked the design which has peaceful peace related with brain health. Yes C is the winner. “ We loved it so much. It conveys the message easily “ says Chris. All the best Chris and mike.


Do u have any logo design story?. Share here. We always love to hear the story.

Have you planned for logo design?. Contact our logo designer.


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The Inside Success Story of Big Brands Logo Redesign – 2 Min Read

Just think about the Smartphone. We all are using each day in our life. If there is no update, we feel bored to use and frustrated. Thus, most of Softwares, Apps, Themes were always kept updating their self. So if you think is it only applicable to B2C business, you are wrong. Yes, every type of business needs to update their self in some way. Self-Observation is essential to learn from our past situation and mistakes.


They are software company developing Online CRM. The Capsule has no time to update their brand. But they planned to change their logo because they know the value of brand identity. They teamed up with Focus Lab to redesign their logo. Their first logo seems like Capsule. Somebody thinks it is something related to medical. What a great mistake? They are capsule for contact management(CRM) not for health. With Focus Lab they created a logo which reflects their origin of business.




To compete with other online marketing giants, Snapdeal redesigned their logo. They run a campaign for this logo redesign called “Dear Zindagi”. If we are not updated, peoples will forget our presence. Remember the press meeting of Nokia on the last day. The main reason behind the Nokia fall is, they were not kept updating their self to compete with Android. But Snapdeal has aware about this, their logo redesigned by Prasoon Joshi’s McCann Ericsson with aim of emotional connect with a customer base.




Master Card

The company Interbank Card Association started in 1976 changed their logo into Master Card. Raja Rajamannar chief marketing officer of ICA said with Forbes that “our company is evolving, We also shaping this digital future, our goal is to convey simplicity, modernity while preserving our heritage. this is the message we want to convey to the peoples through rebranding”. Now it’s your time to Rebrand your business before people’s forgets you.

Master Card Logo design

The above giants rebranded their logo, to be unique, to make their identity, to make their presence. To keep competition, companies have got to continuously evolve and grow. However, logo design is less expensive when compared with others. So when you think about evolving/ rebranding, go for a logo redesign.

Note: Thinking about to redesign your logo, contact logo design company in Chennai and get dozens of logo design.

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Blog Post: Logo Based Animated Film Won Oscar | Logorama

Logorama | An animated film

It’s was the movie won oscar at 2010 which is French animated film directed by Hi5. It’s just having 16 minutes running time. The movie started at Los Angels where every building, birds and everything is shown with the help of some famous brand logos and images. The whole team spent 6 years to complete this movie.

Logorama from Marc Altshuler on Vimeo.




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Learn The Truth About Business Logo Design & Branding Success In The Next 60 Seconds

An elegant business logos create aesthetic feel on the brand. A perfect business logo can stimulate your audience and convey its information to them. Logo design is not your brand, nor is it your identity. Logo design, branding, Identity design each have different roles, together they form recognition for a brand/product.

Business -logo-design

It may be difficult to design a best corporate logo, but the audience will take the quick decision about your brand/product within seconds of looking at the logo.

What is the logo?

To perceive the meaning of logo first, we need to know what is the need of the logo.

To Clarify this, just think logos are like people’s. We wish to be called by our name, not by our characteristic description. Like calling “john” by name is better than calling by description “a tall boy by having a white cap, wearing brown shirt”.

Aforementioned logos should not exactly describe the brand/product yet rather, distinguish the business in a way that is noticeable and unforgettable.

Do your business logo need a redesign?

Maybe your brand/product has an existing logo. Whether it is too old or new, if it is not helping to build your brand it may need a redesign. When was the last time you get customer or client feedback on your brand? if it’s more than a year, first get a feedback from the client on the brand then we can calculate the potential of the existing logo.

Logo redesign checklist 2017

  • It should represent your brand
  • It should be simple
  • It should avoid cliche
  • Pick the suitable to color that should create your brand/product feel to the customer.
  • Find the right font for your brand/product

How do we help to build your Business Logo Design?

Whether you may be an IT company or retail company, but our Logo designers can design an aesthetic logo beyond your expectation. Always work with the best! We help you step by step from deciding to design. We have creative logo designers to help with your business logo design.

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Enhance your business with Eye Catching Logo Design

Logos and branding are so important. In a big part of the world, people cannot read French or English–but are great in remembering signs” ― Karl Lagerfeld

Smaller firms are usually new and are not bigger players in the market, for building a hit on their own recognition in the market, they should make graphic designing as a first concern so that it appeal’s the target audience via visuals . As a logo designer we strongly agree with this statement.

We made this statement true for Chekko (Heritage cold pressed oil business in Chennai) .

Logo Design Process

We planned for them a concept which is fully describes about their business and need to have a heritage feel. Chekku- which is traditional equipment used in villages to extract the oil from the seeds. In their logo we bring that shape to express their traditional oil process. When it comes to the design process, color scheme is probably the first thing the designer will think of. We decided a brown and yellow color for them. Generally yellow have a characteristics of attracting which bring more attention from the customer and brown which represents the heritage feel.

As a logo design company we know that the logo is the one which is visually express about your product name. Our Professional logo designer crossed so many levels and trials to bring a logo for Chekko. Here you can see many versions of logo design for Chekko. Hope you like it. Don’t forget to drop a comment.

Logo Design Process

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How to Choose the Right Type of Logo Design For Your Business?

Logo Design is the cornerstone of every business. It is the face of your company which directly impact the customer. A notable logo design can create speedy identification for your brand and improve your business to stand out in the crowd.

Logo design for a business /product /brand can be easily readable. It has to convey what your business sells or what you stand for and how unique you are. A logo design should be simple, should have a professional look, and should be business oriented.

Where to start the first step of logo design?

If you are not having a clear idea where to start to obtain business logo design, here are the simple guidelines to get a professional logo design which will fit for your business.

Create a simple brief about your business, it should have all details about your business like why it has been started? Goal of business, Market area of business, Type of customer need to target, and any other details need to be conveyed on logo

Meet your logo designer and explain above details as well as about your company to get a professional logo design. More information about the business will help your logo designer to pick to right logo for your business


Types of logo

For the most part, two types of logos running in the market. They are,

  • Typographic Logo
  • Iconic Logo

The Typographic logo contains either the full name of the brand Initial letter of the brand. This type of logo is appropriate if your business or brand has a unique name. Most of the company uses this type of logo like hp, CNN, General Electric.

Iconic Logo uses a symbol in their logo to highlight the details of the product /brand or business sells. The consumer recognizes a simple form rather than complex. This type of logo is appropriate if your business or brand has the generic name. Companies like Apple, Shell uses this type of logo to represent their details.


However, a designer has to decide if your business needs Typographic Logo or Iconic Logo or maybe both.

Whatever the logo you pick ensure that it have to represent the business, it should be readable. A Logo is the communication medium between business and clients. Look at your business and choose the right one that creatively expresses about your brand.

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