Wipro Changed Their Logo From Sunflower to Connected Dots

For the first Wipro India’s second largest IT firm changed their logo. After almost two decades it takes new logo to represent their self as a trusted digital transformation partner.

In 1988 Wipro introduced their first sunflower logo which consist Rainbow color and represents the basic values of Youthful & Energetic, Multifaceted, Innovative, Large-Diversified & Vibrant and stands as our brand says Wipro.

After many year now , it reveals its new logo which consist connected dots.




The new logo of Wipro says it “Connects the Dots” for its clients. It gives the world class integrated, end-to-end capabilities and services to its clients from across the industries and domain experts. Also, it represents Building on the universal form of the circle, the radiating rings of dots around our Wipro name suggest all the many connections that our brand creates for our customers.

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