Shhhh… Listen! Do You Hear The History Of Logo Design For A Coffee Startup?

Neuro coffee is a startup owned by Chris and Mike. When they planned to open their Coffee shop, they decided to make their identity with logo design. Both run logo design contest on 99design(platform for freelance logo design). Founder posted their requirements with the prize in logo design contest. 40 design came across the world for their Neuro coffee. Don’t you have the interest to view those design?(only 6 are listed here) Scroll down below and know the winner.



A.Jorge de la Cruz Rodríguez designer from Spain sketched the above design.


B.Jenny of Project4 Designs from Southeast Asia



C.Dimitrije Mikovi from Belgrade, Serbia


D.Martin Junge Kjøbeløv from Aalborg, Denmark



E.Angga Mahardika Putra from Garut, West Java, Indonesia


F.Vasilije Bosnjakovic, Belgrade, Serbia


How they decided the winner:

Both entrepreneur first neglected the design they don’t like. Most of the logo design are associated with traditional design with brain and faces. One of the designs they thought it looking good but the face of a person looks like angry mood.  They liked the design which has peaceful peace related with brain health. Yes C is the winner. “ We loved it so much. It conveys the message easily “ says Chris. All the best Chris and mike.


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