The Inside Success Story of Big Brands Logo Redesign – 2 Min Read

Just think about the Smartphone. We all are using each day in our life. If there is no update, we feel bored to use and frustrated. Thus, most of Softwares, Apps, Themes were always kept updating their self. So if you think is it only applicable to B2C business, you are wrong. Yes, every type of business needs to update their self in some way. Self-Observation is essential to learn from our past situation and mistakes.


They are software company developing Online CRM. The Capsule has no time to update their brand. But they planned to change their logo because they know the value of brand identity. They teamed up with Focus Lab to redesign their logo. Their first logo seems like Capsule. Somebody thinks it is something related to medical. What a great mistake? They are capsule for contact management(CRM) not for health. With Focus Lab they created a logo which reflects their origin of business.




To compete with other online marketing giants, Snapdeal redesigned their logo. They run a campaign for this logo redesign called “Dear Zindagi”. If we are not updated, peoples will forget our presence. Remember the press meeting of Nokia on the last day. The main reason behind the Nokia fall is, they were not kept updating their self to compete with Android. But Snapdeal has aware about this, their logo redesigned by Prasoon Joshi’s McCann Ericsson with aim of emotional connect with a customer base.




Master Card

The company Interbank Card Association started in 1976 changed their logo into Master Card. Raja Rajamannar chief marketing officer of ICA said with Forbes that “our company is evolving, We also shaping this digital future, our goal is to convey simplicity, modernity while preserving our heritage. this is the message we want to convey to the peoples through rebranding”. Now it’s your time to Rebrand your business before people’s forgets you.

Master Card Logo design

The above giants rebranded their logo, to be unique, to make their identity, to make their presence. To keep competition, companies have got to continuously evolve and grow. However, logo design is less expensive when compared with others. So when you think about evolving/ rebranding, go for a logo redesign.

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