How to Choose the Right Type of Logo Design For Your Business?

Logo Design is the cornerstone of every business. It is the face of your company which directly impact the customer. A notable logo design can create speedy identification for your brand and improve your business to stand out in the crowd.

Logo design for a business /product /brand can be easily readable. It has to convey what your business sells or what you stand for and how unique you are. A logo design should be simple, should have a professional look, and should be business oriented.

Where to start the first step of logo design?

If you are not having a clear idea where to start to obtain business logo design, here are the simple guidelines to get a professional logo design which will fit for your business.

Create a simple brief about your business, it should have all details about your business like why it has been started? Goal of business, Market area of business, Type of customer need to target, and any other details need to be conveyed on logo

Meet your logo designer and explain above details as well as about your company to get a professional logo design. More information about the business will help your logo designer to pick to right logo for your business


Types of logo

For the most part, two types of logos running in the market. They are,

  • Typographic Logo
  • Iconic Logo

TheĀ Typographic logo contains either the full name of the brand Initial letter of the brand. This type of logo is appropriate if your business or brand has a unique name. Most of the company uses this type of logo like hp, CNN, General Electric.

Iconic Logo uses a symbol in their logo to highlight the details of the product /brand or business sells. The consumer recognizes a simple form rather than complex. This type of logo is appropriate if your business or brand has theĀ generic name. Companies like Apple, Shell uses this type of logo to represent their details.


However, a designer has to decide if your business needs Typographic Logo or Iconic Logo or maybe both.

Whatever the logo you pick ensure that it have to represent the business, it should be readable. A Logo is the communication medium between business and clients. Look at your business and choose the right one that creatively expresses about your brand.

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